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MotoSurf World Cup – Season 2019

MotoSurf World Cup – Season 2019

MSWC or Moto Surf World Cup is the race circuit for the newest extreme motorized water sport in which participants race their JetSurf motorized surfboards. For the race, a track is set up on the water, preferably water with minimum chop.  The track is made up of buoys set up in a configuration to challenge a rider´s ability to demonstrate speed, agility, strategy and ability just to remain standing! Male racers on their JetSurf Titanium boards reach top speeds of 64 km/h and females on their JetSuf Race boards reach top speeds of 55 km/h!!!!

Jetsurf race boards are lightweight, high tech, gas powered, motorized surfboards, also known as jetboards. They have the ability to be transported via car and airplane. At the airport, simply check the board as personal sports equipment*…try doing that with your jet ski!!!

MotoSurf World Cup - Season 2019

Jetsurf motorized surfboards are also the fastest watercraft which riders can carry on their own, weighing in at only 18.5 kg dry. This lets MSWC participants to easily transport their board with them around the world. This unique feature alone,  in comparison to all other power sports like motocross and jet skiing, makes racing in the MotoSurf WorldCup the most economical motorsport in the world today.

We can´t forget to mention that  JetSurf racing in the MotoSurf WorldCup (and different Continental Cups) is one of the safest motorsports in the world. Since the Jetsurf race boards weigh in as little as 18.5kg, the falling force is minimal. So, if a rider falls off the board (and kills the engine via the kill switch) his/her board will stop within 5 meters! There is little to no danger to the riders from the board itself…but always wear your safety gear because you can´t control other riders from injuring you!

The MSWC is designated for the best time qualifying riders from around the world. However, if you can´t find the time or money to travel around the world, don´t worry, 2019 is introducing Continental Cup races in the Americas, Europe, and Asia!


*Do your research and be proactive not to have issues with airport security. Remove your gas tank and ICU (ignition control unit/battery). We will follow up with another article to explain how to minimize the risk of missing your flight because security has flagged your board!



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