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Why is JetSurf perfect for Yacht Owners?

Why is JetSurf perfect for Yacht Owners?

Summer is coming and one of the best ways to enjoy it is on the sea! These days you can find any kind of water toys, but JetSurf is one of the best ones for different reasons.

It’s lots of fun!

The number one reason why JetSurf is the best toy for your yacht is definitely that it’s sooo much Fun!

It allows you to cruise around your boat at speed of 55km/h for about one hour. You can ride waves, cut turns at impossible angles, jump backflips and get crazy. You will feel adrenaline and freedom!

We guarantee that you won’t be able to get rid of that funky smile for hours after you JetSurf for the first time. If you’re looking for a water toy to enjoy every moment of your yacht trip, you’re on the right track.

Check out this video:

Very easy to take on board

A big, obvious advantage of the JetSurf is its portability. With only 18Kg of weight, you’ll be able to move the board from one place to another with ease. It fits in your closet, your car, your boat.

If you need to carry the JetSurf, you can put it into the convenient board bag with backpack straps, which comes with every JetSurf. In comparison to a Jet Ski, JetSurf is super easy to move around.

The best way to get fit!

Don’t forget that Jetsurfing is a great exercise, just to get up it takes some work up.

You can choose a sightseeing ride and just relax. It takes almost zero effort to cruise the calm waters during the sunset and enjoy the power of now.

But… you can also put on your helmet on and demolish your muscles in an atrocious battle of man and ocean! After half an hour of aggressive Jetsurfing, you’re gonna feel like you just came from the gym. Your stamina will thank you.

It is for the whole Family

Do you have a family? Kids love the JetSurf! It’s fairly easy to learn, it’s very safe and it’s extreme fun! You can ride with your kid on one JetSurf, too, no problem. And now with the TUBE new accessory is even easier to learn and even share the same JetSurf.

There is a JetSurf Junior Championship, which is getting popular among kids throughout the world. Or maybe you would appreciate spending some time in peace on the sunny deck of your yacht while your little ones get occupied with improving their JetSurfing skills.

Check out this video from MotoSurf World Cup Junior race:

Ultimate technology at a reasonable price 

All the good toys come with a price tag. We managed to press the manufacturing cost to the ground, therefore we are able to offer this unique product for as little as 9,990€.

Please note, that price varies according to the JetSurf type and features.

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