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Big Wave Rider – Jeff Scott

Big Wave Rider – Jeff Scott

Big wave surfing is exactly what it sounds like: surfing on big waves. This style of surfing requires decades of experience, nerves of steel and accepting the fact that this may be your last ride, ever. It is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by amateurs. The biggest waves ever surfed have been in Nazare (Portugal) topping out at over 30m tall!

Surfing is a solo sport, however big waves surfing requires a tow in… until now. Our friend, race mate and big wave surfer Jeff Scott (click here for his Facebook page) has recently survived surfing big waves in Cribbar (England) and huge waves in Nazare. What makes these two events special is that he caught these waves with his JetSurf board!

The power of Jetsurf gives you the possibility to catch big waves without being towed in, and also gives you the opportunity to surf when there is no wind nor waves.

Check out Jeff’s video surfing big waves in Nazare:





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